Share Image Gallery

If you'd like to share and make the images of the event available to your guests afterwards, you can easily do so thanks to the eyevip Follow-up e-mail where it links to the image gallery. The link to the image gallery is already included in the e-mail and directly links to the landing page of the gallery. The landing page, too, you can edit with the template editor. Should you want, you can also customize the button leading to the landing page of the image gallery in the e-mail.

Note: Should you not want to use the image gallery, you can easily deactivate, it by clicking on the gray icon () to hide the image gallery from your guests. 

If you've made or adjusted all settings and texts for the follow-up e-mail after the event, you can now prepare the landing page image gallery for your guests. The image gallery landing page can be edited similarly to the e-mails. To preview your prepared landing page, simply click out of the editing mode and select the preview mode to view.

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