Information on Accompanying Person(s)

If you already have access to additional information regarding an accompanying person (e.g. name, e-mail) before sending invites, you can simply do add this information (per guest). You can do this either directly in your Excel before uploading the guest list or in the eyevip itself:


Excel Upload 
If you already have sufficient information about accompanying persons, you can integrate this information in the Excel prior to uploading to the tool. However, it is important that you pay careful attention to the "Companion of" column. If a line in the Excel list does not belong to a main guest, but to an accompanying person, then enter the name of the accompanying person in the "Companion of" column for this individual. This will establish a link between the two guests. If you now upload the Excel list in eyevip, the guests will be saved alongside their respective accompanying person(s)..

If you've already uploaded the Excel, but you have additional information about the accompanying persons you'd like to add, you can do this by selecting the blue pen () to the right of the guest you'd like to make the change to.

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