Form Editor

The eyevip form editor is an extension that is included in the high-flyer license. When using the high-flyer license, the form editor can be purchased separately.


The following field types are available in the form editor in addition to the standard fields:

  • Checkbox: Multiple selection of different options 
  • Radiobuttons: Easy selection of different options 
  • Textfeld: Single-line text field 
  • Textbereich: Multiple-line text field 
  • Select: Dropdown
  • Beschreibungstext: Explanatory text 
  • Checkbox with text: Checkbox with longer text label 
  • Hidden field: Field not visible to the guest for internal use 

For each field (also for the fields from the standard form) can be defined whether they're mandatory or not. In addition, you can define whether the form field should also be requested for the accompanying person(s) of the guest and whether it should also be defined as mandatory for the accompanying person(s).


Fields can simply be added to the registration form via drag and drop. Just move your mouse to the desired field until you see the symbol (). Just drag the field to the left to the desired location in the form. The position of the field can also be changed afterwards by dragging and dropping. 


Click on the blue pencil () to edit a field. Here we explain the process using the example of the select field.  This example also applies to other fields. 

What you enter in the Export Name is later the column name of the field for the Excel export of the guest list.

The Label is the field label that the guest sees in the registration form for this field.

Under Select Items you can define the labels for the choices on the left side.

More options can be added via + Add Item.

On the right side are the values. The guest will not see these values. However, meaningful values ​​are very important because the selected values ​​are written to the corresponding column (the name of the column is defined under Export Name) in the exported Excel list. If in our example a guest chooses "Vegetarian" in the menu selection, the value "vegi" is written into the exported Excel list in the line of this guest under the column "Menu".

If you have selected multiple languages ​​for your event, there are several things to keep in mind with the custom form fields. More information can be found in the article Multilingualism.

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