Multilingual Interface in Form Editor

If you use several languages for your event communication, the labels of all form fields that you have added to the registration form yourself with the form editor must be translated into the languages used.

With the blue plus sign (you can open and edit the area for the desired language. For each field, the label must be translated in any case. For some fields, such as the select dropdown, you also need to translate the labels for the selections.

Important: For fields with where you may select drag and drop selected items, such as radio buttons, checkboxes and select field, you'll find not only labels but also values. The value of a choice must be the same in all languages, as this is the value written to Excel for Excel export. If you activate all the required languages in the event from the beginning and fill in the values for the first language in the form editor, the values are automatically adopted for all other languages for this field. If languages are activated afterwards, it is easiest to fill in the values for the first language again - so they are automatically adopted again for the remaining languages of the field.

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