Multilingual Guest List

When using multiple languages ​​for an event, it is imperative that a language be defined for each guest. Otherwise, it is impossible for eyevip to know in which language the communication should be made for the individual guest, i.e. whether the guys should receive a German or English invitation e-mail, for example.

If you upload your guest list via Excel, you can already define the languages ​​for your guests in the Excel list. The column for the definition of the language must be called Language. The cell must now be entered in each guest's language. You can use the following abbreviations for the languages in this column:

  • Possible values for German: deutsch, german, allemand, tedesco, alemán
  • Possible values for German informal: de-informal, deutschinformell, germaninformal, allemandinformel, tedescoinformale, alemáninformal.
  • Possible values for English: en, eng, englisch, english, anglais, inglese, inglés.
  • Possible values for French: fr, franz, französisch, french, français, francese, francés.
  • Possible values for French informal: fr-informal, franzinformell, französischinformell, frenchinformal, françaisinformel, franceseinformale, francésinformal.
  • Possible values for Italian: it, italienisch, italian, italien, italiano.
  • Possible values for Italian informal: it-informal, italienischinformell, italianformal, italieninformel, italianoinformale, italianoinformal.

You can also edit a guest's language directly in the eyevip guest list. This can be done over the blue pen () on the same line as the guests' name. Upon clicking the blue pen you can see/ change the individual language there.

For further information on this topic, see article Preparing the Guest List.

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