In eyevip you can address your guests in four different languages: German, English, French and Italian. Additionally, it's possible to unlock German informal, English informal, French informal and Italian informal. The additional activation of the informal variants makes sense, for example, if you'd like to address some guests by first name and others by last name.

The selection of languages for an event can be defined directly when creating a new event or subsequently in the Settings under General Information. You decide which and how many languages should be used for your event communication.

What do I need to consider when using the multilingual interface​?
You can decide which and how many languages ​​to use, but should you active the language, the language must be used in all forms. This includes respective translations for the event information, the event description as well as individual queries. Once all have been translated by you in the respective language, each guest will receive communication in the language of their choice. Predefined questions, such as address or error messages are automatically translated for you.
The invites and landing pages are always defined in the predefined language, per guest. It is not possible to change the language within the e-mail or landing page. However, guests can be allocated different languages upon set-up within the tool. 

What does the multilingual interface​ cover?
The multilingual function is utilized in the following areas:

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