If the waitlist is activated in your eyevip, you can decide in the settings per event whether you want to activate the waitlist or not. The activation of the waitlist only makes sense if you have assigned a contingent to your event.

If the waitlist is activated and the contingent of an event is exhausted, your guests will get displayed a message instead of the registration form. This message will explain that the contingent of the event has already been exhausted, but that he/she has the possibility to be put on the waitlist. If the guest chooses the entry in the waitlist, he/she then will be forwarded to the registration form. If the guest fills it out and sends it off, he/she will be placed on the waitlist for this event. 

Guests on the waitlist can be identified by their status in the eyevip guest list. 

If a guest unsubscribes from the event, the next guest on the waitlist automatically follows. The status of the new guest is automatically set from "Waitlist" to "Accepted". Furthermore, a confirmation is automatically sent to this guest, so that he/she is informed that he/she is no longer on the waitlist, but has been registered for the event. 

Note: If you change the status of a guest from "Accepted" to "Rejected" within eyevip, the next guest on the waitlist will automatically follow. The confirmation to this guest is also automatically sent in this case.

Note: If you increase the quota when it's exhausted, no guest on the waitlist follows up automatically. In this case you decide which of the guests on the waitlist will be registered for the event. If you then set the status of a guest from "Waitlist" to "Accepted", remember that the sending of the corresponding e-mail "Waitlist" still has to be triggered manually so that the guest receives notification.

You can edit both the landing page "Waitlist", which is displayed to the guest once he/she has signed up to the waiting list, and the confirmation email, which informs the guest that he/she has signed up for the event.

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