Document Upload in E-Mails

Upload PDF's in System

The upload of the PDF into the system takes place in the event under Settings and Internal Information and from there over Documents.

Adding Document Links in an Event
If a document has been uploaded to the event, you can link to it in e-mails and on event landing pages. To find out what the link to the document is, simply click on the blue download icon ().

By clicking on the blue download icon () a new browser window will open where you can copy the link.

To add a link in an e-mail or on a landing page, you will need to open the corresponding e-mail or landing page in Template Editor, highlight the respective text, and add the link.

If the word(s) you'd like to link is highlighted, select Insert/ Edit link in the toolbar.

This then opens a new pop-up window in which you can make all the necessary changes:

  1. URL: Insert the copied link
  2. Displayed Text: is generated automatically (but can be edited)
  3. Title: Optional
  4. Objective: New Window (Recommended)
Adding Documents in Template Editor

Documents can also be uploaded directly in the Template Editor enabling you to easily provide documents to your guests.

To integrate a document in your e-mail or on your landing page, you will need to open up the corresponding e-mail or landing page in the Template Editor and place the cursor where you want to insert the document. Then in the toolbar, select the Insert File command. The integrated filemanager will open where you will have access to all uploaded documents and files for your event. You can now insert these directly into your e-mail or on your landing page by simply clicking on the appropriate document/file.

Additionally, you can directly upload and embed them from the file manager. Just click on the black upload icon and then add documents/ files directly from your computer.

When you select the black Start upload button the selected files will be uploaded into file manager. Should you want to go back to the overview, simply click on the black Back to file overview button. A simple click will add them directly into your e-mail or on your landing page. The selected file is inserted as a link. If your guests click on the link in the e-mail or on the landing page, the file will be directly opened or downloaded.


Note: You can also integrate pictures into your e-mails and lading pages in the same manner. Pay attention to the file size of the pictures - big pictures take longer to load.

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