Invitation by Mail

Should you decide not to send your invitations electronically, you can choose to send your invitations via snail mail. Invitations sent by post can easily be integrated into the entire process.
This is particularly useful when working with third parties like an Event Management Agency that is handling your invitations externally.
To do this you will want to prepare the following information for disclosure:
1. Link to Landing Page  
To find this link visit your Event Overview under Online Registration.

2. Guest Code(s)
Each guest will be allocated a personal code that will allow them to register to your event. This code will need to be included in their invitation letter.
These respective codes can be found in your guest list. To easily view all guest codes simply export your guest list for Excel. To do this simply select “Export for Excel” from the dropdown menu. You will now find your codes next to your respective guest.

Should you want to look up one code rather than download all codes, you can do so by selecting the guest and clicking on the blue pen on the right hand side. A pop-up will open and you will find the guest code under the Event Information.

Once you have the above information you can prepare your letters for dispatch with the link and code for each respective guest. 

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