Test Mail

Thanks to the Test Mail function you can run a trial of your e-mails before sending out the official dispatch to your guests. The Test Mail function also enables you to make the e-mails available to your team or supervisor for finalization.

Note: For closed events, individual e-mails can be tested with the Test Mail dispatch. However, you cannot test the entire end-to-end e-mail process using this function.

You can access the various pages and e-mails in the invitation process via the menu item Template and Edit Content. To test individual e-mails, select the corresponding e-mail via the blue pencil (). In the Template Editor, you now have the option to test your e-mails via the button Send Test E-Mail in the right (grey) area.

Click on the button Send Test E-Mail to open a new window. To complete sending a test e-mail, you must fill out the following:

  • Recipients: Include one or more recipients to receive your test e-mail (separate multiple e-mail addresses with a comma)
  • Pseudo Guest: Select the pseudo guest via the drop-down
  • Senders: Use the drop-down to select the sender of the test e-mail (Optional: 2nd Sender)

To confirm, click on the green button Send Test E-Mail. A message notifying you with the number of e-mails sent will follow.

Note: Please note that the Test Mail dispatch in the Template Editor works exclusively in edit mode.

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