Guest Management (Contingent)

For each new event you create you can assign a maximum guest capacity (contingent). This can be done under Settings. The guest capacity (contingent) consists of all main guests and accompanying persons.

Simply select the desired maximum number and enter it in the input field. If you don't want to limit the number of guests for your event, leave the default setting set to the number 0.

The same logic of setting a maximum capacity for a Standard Event works for an Event Series as well. For an Event Series, the capacity is set for each respective individual event. 

If a Standard Event or event from an Event Series is already fully booked, i.e. once the defined contingent has been reached, the guest wishing to register will be notified on the registration form. This notification is purely informational letting the guest know that the event is fully booked. The guest will not be put on a waiting list nor will they be informed should space open up again at a later time (e.g. in case of cancellations).

In an Event Series the booked-out events are crossed out in the registration form, so that guest can no longer sign-up for this respective event.

If at any time during the invitation phase that can / want to increase your event capacity, you can do so by increasing the contingent under Settings.

Once the event capacity has been reached, invitations can no longer be sent out. You can check this under Invite and Operation and Send E-mail as you will no longer be given the option to send out respective e-mails that are directly related to event capacity.

Important: In principe you can reduce the event capacity. However, the prerequisite for this is that the existing registrations do not exceed the new contingent. Before saving this change in event capacity, a pop-up will open asking you if you really want to change the contingent. Please only accept if you really want to reduce the contingent.

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