Event Overview

My Events, All Events & Archived Events

When you sign-in to eyevip you'll be greeted by eyevip's Event Overview.


This is the default view that you see after logging in. Here you'll see all events to which you're assigned to as a user. For each event you have certain basic information, including the event name, location, date, status and guest statistics available. You can also copy () or delete () any event. You can find out how to copy and event here


If you have the appropriate user rights, you can access the tab All Events. Here you can not only see the events to which you are assigned to as a user in eyevip, but all the events in your eyevip. The same functions are available as in the My Events overview. 


If you have the appropriate rights, you can access the Event Archive tab. Here you can see the events that have already taken place and have been archived. To move an event to the event archive, you have to change the event status in the event settings. To do this, select Archived in the dropdown menu and then click save. 

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