Guest List

Add, manage and view new guests:


Preparing Guest List
Within your event you can manage your guest list and send invitations by e-mail by selecting Invite found in the main menu.

Upon clicking the Upload Guest List an area will be revealed showing a downloadable Excel template. 

Click on the guest list in the top right corner. An area with the option to download an Excel template will be opened. Select the blue download icon () to download the simple template with the minimum guest list information. The advanced guest list template contains all the columns available for the guest list. If you have downloaded the desired template, you can open the list in Excel and fill it out accordingly.

Upload Guest List
If you have already prepared your guest list, you are now ready to upload it. From the menu Invite, select Upload Guest List on the top right corner.
Upon selecting the green Upload button pop-up window opens in which you can upload your edited guest list directly from your desktop.

Here, please select who the guests belong to i.e. who will invite the guest, and whether or not the current guest list should be overwritten.

You are now ready to upload your guest list by clicking on Choose File which will allow you to directly upload from your desktop and finish by selecting Upload.

After successfully uploading, you will see the guests in the overview under Invite. You can now edit or invite them again.

Add Guest

You have already uploaded your guest list, but would like to add an additional guest - no problem!

Under the Invite menu, in the upper right hand corner you can select the grey button +Guest to manually add another guest to your list.

A new window will open with a form for the details of the new guest. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in and completed.

Use the blue plus () or minus sign () on the right of the form to show or hide sub-areas.

After finishing select Save to add your guest to the list.

Edit Guest

To edit an already existing guest in the guest list, you can do so by clicking the blue pen () on the right hand side of the entry you want to edit.

A window will open with a form that already contains the guest's details. You can now edit this content.

Use the blue plus () or minus sign () on the right of the form to show or hide sub-areas.

Select Save to save all your work. 

Alternatively, you can edit guest data directly in the guest list. Simply click directly into the cell you want to edit and make the desired change. As soon as you hit enter on your keyboard, the change is automatically saved.


Delete Guest
If you want to delete an already existing guest from the guest list, you can easily do this under Invite from the menu. 

Select the checkbox at the left edge of the guests’ entry (this can also be done for multiple guests at the same time). 

Then click on Operation and Delete.

This will open a window prompting you if you really want to delete this guest.

Confirm with Delete and the guest(s) will be removed from your guest list.

Bulk Guest List Operations 
If your guest list consists of many entries, or if you want to make changes only for selected guests, you have the option to utilize a bulk operation. You can do so under the Invite menu.  

To do so, select the checkboxes to the left of the guests.

Then click on Operation and Bulk Operation.

A window will open where you can select the field that you want to change for the selected guests.

Invite Guests

Option 1: Select the guests you want to invite using the checkbox.

Option 2: Without pre-selecting a guest, click on Operation and Send E-mail (all guests are then selected for the dispatch list).

By clicking on Operation and E-mail a window will open in which you can select the e-mail template you want to send.

Use the plus sign () to select a segment to refine the selection of your mailing list.

To preview, click on the blue eye icon () next to the entry in the mailing list.

Then click Send to send the e-mails to your guests.

Export Guest List 
To export the guest list, select the option Export for Excel under the Invite menu.

A window opens in which you have the option to filter the export of the guest data in advance. You can choose …

1. whose guests
2. which guests with which sender
3. which guests with which status (e.g. invited, accepted, etc.)

... you want to export.

By clicking on Export your selection will be exported to your computer under Downloads in xls-format.

To view and edit, open the list in Excel.

You now have the option to save the guest list on your computer or to edit it again for a future invites.

Column & Filter Options 

Thanks to the column and filter options, you can customize the layout of your guest list to suit your needs.

To define which columns should or shouldn't appear in the guest list, click on the columns button and select the columns you want to show or hide. You can customize your view at any time over this button.

In the guest list you also have various filter options. By clicking on the filter button you will find the option to either use predefined filters, or alternatively you can create filters yourself. New filters are created via the filter options. There you can also save your filters, so that they will be available to you in the guest list in the future.

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