Calendar Entry

For every event that you set up with eyevip, you will be prompted to include a calendar entry by entering the time and the location (under Settings). This consists of the event date, start and end time, time zone of the event, and its location (full address). 

These three elements are required when setting up both a standard event or event series. 
You will be asked to include this information in the second step in the event set-up for both standard events and event series.
When providing the information relevant to your calendar entry please follow the below guidelines:

Time Zone:
As a rule of thumb, always use the time zone where your event takes place. Select the relevant time zone from the drop-down. Once selected this will mean all times will be set within this time zone.

You’re currently planning an event from your office in Zürich, but your event is to take place in Perth (Australia) so you select the time zone Australia Perth at define the time for 2PM. Your event will now indicate to all guests that the event will take place in this time zone at 2PM. However, as you are sitting in Zürich, the iCal for this event will show 8AM your time. If your colleagues in London and Vancouver see this event, their local time will be shown. 

Event Date:
Use the pop-up data picker to select a date. Date must always be in the future. Dates for event start and event end can differ, if you have an event lasting multiple days. 

Event Start / End:  
Select a time from the data picker. Times provided are in 30 minute increments. 

Standard Event

For a standard event, this information will be found in the General Information:

Event Series

For an event series, this information will be split up between General Information(relevant to all events in the series) and each respective event (right panel):

The information you provide for the General Informationof an event series is the time zone. The time zone you select here will be used for all of your events in your series. Should you have events in a different time zone, you will need to set up a different standard event or series.
For each respective event, you can however, use different event start and end times.

Should you want to change any of the information provided for the calendar entry after initial event set-up, you may do so. You can find this information under the main menu Settings.

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