Template Editor

Manage and edit the template editor: 


The template editor opens by clicking on the blue pen () under the sub-menu item Edit Content.

In the left (white) area you will find editable texts and images. 

Use the eye icon () to show or hide entire areas. 

In the right (black) area of the template editor, you can use the drop-down to switch to the various E-mails or Landing Pages you want to edit. 



All content with a blue-dashed line can be edited. 

A click on this area or on the blue pen () opens a toolbar with various editing functions that enable you to customize your texts. 

In addition to the many editing functions of the toolbar, Placeholders are particularly useful. Placeholders are used to take up space until certain values or variables are known in the system.

Mail Greetings
You can easily change how you address your guests thanks to the individual if / else conditions found in the Template Editor. The following formula will allow you to address your guests accordingly:


{if="$guest_title==m"}Dear Mr. {$guest_titleaddition} {$guest_lastname} {elseif="$guest_title==f"}Dear Mrs. {$guest_titleaddition} {$guest_lastname} {else}Dear {/if}

To upload your logo of header image, click on the blue icon ().

A new window will open where you can select a file from your computer.

Note: Please use the image formats (logo, header): JPEG, PNG, GIF

Should you want to use the image or header image for all languages and pages (e-mails and landing pages) you can define that upon uploading. 


To switch to preview mode turning the editing mode on and off at the top right hand corner.

In preview mode you can switch between desktop or smartphone view.

Important: Always enter a Subject for your e-mails before saving.

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