Data Protection (GDPR)

How is my account information protected?
We place high importance on data protection and data security. You control which data is stored in eyevip. Both your data and the data of your guests remain in Switzerland and will not be passed on to third parties. All data is encrypted on Finma-compliant infrastructures (ISO-27001) in Switzerland. Upon request, customer accounts can be hosted exclusively on EU servers.
What happens if your system goes down?
Since eyevip’s inception, we have had 99.95% uptime with the aim of achieving a 98.98%. However, like any web-based system, if you cannot connect to the internet or if we are down for a short period of time, you will not be able to access your data during that period.
GDPR - what is it?
GDPR or stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Thanks to this new Data Protection Act, in effect as of May 25, 2018 in all EU member states, companies that process personal data hold greater responsibility (more information here).
Does the GDPR affect me as a company if I am based outside of the EU?
Basically, the General Data Protection Regulation applies to all companies that are based withiin the EU. However, in the following cases you are also subject to this new regulation with an office outside the EU:

  • You have a branch located within the EU
  • You process personal data of EU citizens (natural persons) that reside in the EU
My events only take place within Switzerland. Does the GDPR affect me anyway?
The GDPR concerns you, if you invite a private person, for example from Germany or France, to your event in Switzerland. In this case you process the data of these respective individuals which means that yes, you are definitely accountable for the new data protection laws.
What is considered personal data?
Personal data includes all general information referring to who you are, your current situation, including data stemming from your personal life, appearance or behavior, health and workplace:

  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail Address
  • Civil Status
  • Address
  • Account Data
  • Political Opinion
  • Religion
  • IP Address
  • Browser Cookies
  • Photos
  • Hair Color
  • Height / Weight
  • Medical History
  • Fitness Statistics
  • Time Recording
  • Wage
  • Testimonies
Do I need a consent to the data processing of my guests?
Yes, absolutely. If within your invitations you ask your guests for additional information – including info on flight bookings, hotel accommodation, program participation or car rentals – you will need the consent of your guests. It is particularly important that you inform your guests upfront about which data will be processed and for what purpose. eyevip enables you to link to your own privacy policy directly within the registration form.
Which data can I ask for and what is inadvisable?
Basically, you should only ask for the information that is directly relevant and required in the context of your guest management. Of course that's not always easy - sometimes allergies, disabilities or religion can play a role and enable you to plan your event accordingly (i.e. menu selection, barrier-free access, prayer rooms, etc.). The ground rule here being: less is more.
Do my guests have the right to opt-out?
Absolutely. Within eyevip, checkboxes for the opt-out rule are included as standard in every template so that your guests can easily unsubscribe from your communication. It works just like your newsletter communication, which you probably already do outside of eyevip.

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