Registration Form

As a public event is always an event for guests without a personal invitation, the registration form can be accessed via an external link.

To publicly publish the event you simply need the respective external link. You can find the external links for the selected languages under the menu item Overview and Online Registration. Simply copy the relevant external link directly from eyevip and paste it wherever necessary.

Those with the relevant external link will be forwarded directly to the online registration form.

Important: If the registration deadline is set to a date prior to today, the link to the corresponding registration form will automatically lead to the corresponding page informing viewers that the deadline to sign-up has already passed.

All open registration forms are protected from spam and abuse thanks to CAPTCHA entry forms. 

CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart" and is used to determine whether or not the use is human or bot. 

CAPTCHA's are an integral part of your event security and can't be removed or changed in eyevip. CAPTCHA's are used to block all forms of automated systems that aim to collect e-mail addresses or automatically register themselves on various websites, blogs, forums, etc.‚Äč

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