E-Mails & Landing Pages

You can easily work with placeholders to edit your e-mails and event series landing pages.

You can do so, by selecting the menu item Template and Edit Content where you can then select the respective e-mail or page (landing page) to work on in the Template Editor.

In each text box, each marked with a blue pencil (), you can now easily work with placeholders and formulas to write custom texts for your events from the event series.

Using the formula bar, chose the placeholder Event Series: If " ", then ...

After selecting the placeholder, the following formula will be displayed in the text box:

{if="$es_key==2209"}Insert text or file here{/if}

In the area Insert text or file here you can now place any text or file you see fit (for example, an agenda or access plan). This is then only displayed in, for example, the confirmation or the reminder e-mail, to those guests who have signed up for this respective event.

This formula can now be used for all your individual events from the event series enabling you two write individual texts or upload files.

Important: The formula only applies when the guest has selected an event i.e. in the invitation process after the registration confirmation.

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