The Settings for your Event Series is done in the same manner as that of a Standard Event. You will first define your Event Name (e.g. eyevip Workshop Series), found under General Information (left area).

Once you have defined the event name, you must define the languages, specify the URL and determine the registration deadline for your series.

To the right of the General Information you will find an area called Events (right area). Here you can define the individual events in your event series. To do this, fill in the following fields:

  • Event Name: Name of the single event in the series
  • Event Key: Unique identifier used to distinguish the individual events
  • Event Start: Start of the event from the series
  • Event End: End of the event from the series
  • Contingent: Capacity of the event from the series

All information relating to the event location is optional.

Important: The Event Key is automatically defined by eyevip when entering the event name . If the event name has less than 8 characters, you will need to add more characters (lowercase letters). The info box next to the event key will provide you further details.

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