Send E-Mails

Once you have selected a guest from the guest list the system can recognize who the sender for the respective guest is and thus can be seen in the preview.

In the menu item Invite, select a guest on the left side of the window. To open the pop-up window with the guests' respective e-mail, select Send E-Mail from the drop-down. In the newly opened pop-up you can now click on the blue eye () to preview the invitation for the respective guest.

In this example, two senders were assigned to the guest with only one guest (Hans Meier) having had uploaded his signature. To upload a signature for both senders, do so in the main Sender menu item.

Note: You can edit senders and their signature at any time in the menu item Sender.

Important: If you've selected the option Reply to Sender, all answers from guests will be sent to the e-mail address of the sender, which is listed in the e-mail at the bottom left.

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